after market oil filters

Does anyone have experiance with after market oil filters. I am specifically refering to Hi-Flow brand oil filters. This parts place says that most or all filters are made by the same company. the reason I am curious is that I can get Hi-Flow filters for under $6 and OEM filters cost me just over $11. Would like to save some coin but do not want to damage engine. :) Thanks for any info.


I know you didn't ask about them but I figure my Scott's paid for itself after the 5th ride.

Not sure about the scotts yet Jonesy. Have to look into it alittle more. Just wondering if anyone knows about aftermarket filters. I always get more info than I need but not this time. Everyone must be getting bikes ready for the weekend. Just installed my Zip-Ty fuel screw and moved needle clip to #5. Hope to see improvement tomorrow. :)

Not sure about the scotts yet Jonesy. Need to look into it some more.I always get more info than I need but not this time. Everyone must be getting bikes ready for the weekend.

There is very little info on this oil filters subject. Scott filter claim to filter better than some medium grade paper filters, but can someone tell us how good is stock yamaha filter filtering? I ordered scott filter for my 426, because I want to see it. I'm not 100% sure it will filter more than my oem brass filter. Anyway I'm sure scott filter is quality product and you cannot go wrong with it, if you change the oil often enough. Then again if you buy oil filter like K&N it will filter more(10-20microns) than the scott(35microns), but you pay lots of money for this 10microns as K&N is not reusable. Also there are some volume passtrough measurement that only scott give some numbers about...

My advice is get the scott and save some bucks in a long term.

Hope this helps.


I just got my SS oil filter from american dirtbike, they were $5 cheaper than others and service was great. As far as the filtering, the stainless steel micronic fabric filters are said to filter 35 microns absolutely (no partilces above this size), now on the other hand there is a compelling argument that it isn't the big particles that one should be worried about but rather the really small ones. All filters will catch some small particles 5-10 micron but the effeciency will be poor. For $65 I should have a filter that lasts me at least a couple years (very cost effective in long run). The filter I received was made by K&P Engineering.

Sloans down in TN has paper filters for the WR450 for $9.10

Here are a couple links:

great links, thanks :)

A micron is a millionth of a meter or .000039 thousandths.

A particle 35 microns can't be seen by my naked eye. How do I know? I look at them all day long.

I would change my oil alot and worry about something else.

I worry about a terrorist attack on the ship carry over Heinekin.

don't worry beezer, they brew heinekin in the good old USA now!

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