2010 YZ450 in stock at Roseville Yamaha in Sacramento ,CA

there's prob a little extra everywhere to prevent any failures on the 1st version. it'll prob lose 3 lbs next year and a cpl more the following years. Don't want issues like the Honda race team had with cracking cases or whatever.

hey rick, i was worried about it feeling heavy too. but i just spoke to a guy that just ditched his 09 honda for the new yam. he said the blue bike feels lighter in the air and when leaning it over in turns. he was amazed at how much better the yam tracked and overall he said it blew his honda out of the water.

this is the bike im going to get. its ten times more impressive in person:banana:

of course he did.....took a loss on his crf and then plucked down 9k..........whats he gonna say..........crf is lighter by 10-15 lbs and centered pretty good, i am not buying that............wait 6 mo and see what he says

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