Help, my WR has a bad dead spot. when I give the throtle a twist, it stalls. I have to have the R,s up to avoid the stall. I have done all the basic uncorking mods, and I had the dealer jet the bike.I have 100 miles on the bike. Any ideas? Get a KTM?

Need for information than you have provided in this brief writeup. What type of bike? What is your elevation? What is your current jetting and location in the world... The more information you provide will get you more responses.


curt, thanks for the reply. the bike is a 03 wr 450. I live in Pueblo Colorado. I'm not sure what the jetting is, the dealer set it up for this altitude. The bike runs great from 1/4 throttle on. I am looking to see if anyone else has experienced the same problem.


Did you take the exhaust baffle out or the air box snorkel? what jetting are you running?

You need to adjust you fuel screw. In CO. you probably need to adjust it everytime you ride with the variance in temp and alt.

I adjusted it out with my feul screw also. (after jetting change). I assume you are talking about the off idle stumble/stall.

My WR450 is doing same thing. I ride between 1500-3500 feet. I went to a 155 main jet, YZ needle clip position 5, 2 turns out on fuel screw. Now it's too rich at 1/4 throttle but still stalls right off the bottom. My plan now is clip pos 4 on needle, 48 pilot jet and adjust fuel screw as needed. I'll let you know the results. :)

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