?Steahly website?

Does anyone know a web address for Steahly? I want more info on flywheel weights and my search engine is giving me nothing. The Terrycable site has no weight info.

I dont know their address but I bought one for my 426, I bought the 12 ounce and it came already installed on a new flywheel in a yamaha box. They offered it seperate but I wanted to be able to remove it if needed so I bought it complete, it ran about $185 or so.

Norman Kissam

Beaumont, Tx

What kind of results did you get from the 12 Oz.? I'm getting the hang of keeping it running but I'm still stalling here and there. I dont want to lose too much rev because I love the way it digs in and pulls out of sand corners. I do allot of trail riding in California (when I'm there)and I think the weight will work well there.

Is it easy to remove/install? Would it be something I can swap out for motocross and return to for offroad in quick order. I know Terrycable has a 3 weight kit to change back and forth, but only in 8,9, and 10 Oz. I've read here & most seem to go with the 12 Oz. I just want an honest view of the ups and downs on added flywheel weight. Will I lose the beutiful power delivery/hit?

Honestly I couldnt tell much difference with or without mine other than it was much easier to stall without it. I didnt notice any power loss at all, I race harescrambles and our last gran prix was at a local track so I removed for practice and ended up putting it back on for the race. It does give it a little more compression braking but other than that I really dont notice it.

Norman Kissam

Beaumont, Tx

I installed the 10 oz Zip-Ty wieght on my 99 YZ400 and noticed a huge difference. For play riding the difference was huge, less stalling, more engine braking and the best part, better traction..... It was incredible, I was climbing stuff that the year before I was struggling on. The down side? The Engine doesn't rev as quick. I bought the 6oz and 8oz weights as well and will try those to see which one offers the best of both worlds.


Derwood, traped in IL


Keep me informed on how those weights work out my friend. How long does it take to swap out the weight?

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