taking care of 09 yz450f

I have a 09 yz450f and i am wandering what are the best things that i should do to keep it in mint condition. I know i should change the oil frequently, is yamalube semi-synthetic 10w-50 or 10w-40 good or should i be using the yamalube full synthetic? Then cleaning the air filter every ride. Is power washing the bike ok to do? Also using a fuel of an octane rating of 93 is probaly a good thing to do also. Putting lube on the chain every ride. Is there any other important things to do to keep the bike running perfect? Thanks for the help.

Yamalube 10W-40 is good for your temperature this time of year. Debate about synthetic vs. non-synthetic can go on forever. Get an hour meter and just make sure you keep a log and do regular oil changes. I have a 2007 YZ450F and I change the oil every 4 hrs and the oil filter every other oil change. I use Motul 5100 15W-40 here in Texas. I wash my bike after every ride. Some say it is overkill but it allows me to see the condition of the bike and with our soil here it can etch the hubs and non-polished aluminum pretty good.

I swap air filters every 2 rides and that has served me well so far.

Power washing is OK as long as you don't blast the bearings, seals, etc. Don't wash th grease away!

I use Premium Unleaded Gas with no issues....make sure you have it jetted properly also. I cheated and went with the JD jetting Kit,

I lube my chain right after I wash the bike and chain. Wash, towel off, then lube. Primarily for anti-rust. And then again before I ride if it looks like it needs it.

Other than that, these things are pretty much bullettproof. Enjoy and have fun!


Agree with above post on fresh oil & air filter, but not a power washing fan.

Other things sometimes neglected:

-Check valves on a regular basis, maybe every 12 rides to start, and adjust inspections accordingly.

- Lube the linkage, swingarm, steering stem on a regular basis.

- check your spoke tension and rear sprocket nuts after every ride.

- After no more than a year, measure your clutch plate tolerances. More often if

you are a clutch abuser.

- I would replace the timing chain, piston , & rings every hundred hours.

- Replace your fork oil/seals before they start leaking if you can. Why wait for

better performace. Fresh shock oil/ inspection every 8-12 mos.

- Replace your chain/sprockets before teeth start coming off, and inspect and

replace your chain slider(s) accordingly. YZ chain sliders will wear on the swing

arm - do a search in this forum for some good fixes.

- Fresh spark plug every year.

Thats the small stuff I check to keep a bike feeling new - looking new is another topic, and my list is just that - opinion.

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to add

It would be cool to have an hour meter. That way you have a better Idea of maintence etc.

thanks for the help. also does the 2009 yz450 have the same size oil filter as the 2008? Because K&N says there kn-141 is for model's 03-08 which I am assuming that the 2009 uses that one too.

thanks for the help. also does the 2009 yz450 have the same size oil filter as the 2008?

Yes. '98-'09 are the same.

ok thanks for all of the help

1+ for the hour meter, my bikes an '06 and I ride every weekend 1.5-2 hours, I wonder how many hours I really have on the motor.......

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