04 WR450 Hot Cams and jetting

I hear a lot about Hot Cams around here, so has anyone had any experience with the 04 WR450 and getting the jetting down? Mine has all the free mods, Hot Cams in and ex, FMF T1 exhaust and Vortex CDI. I`m in a hot zone and ride mostly SoCal desert. Right now I`m running a 168 main with a YZ needle and it seems to run great, but never changed the main jet after the Hot Cams install. Just want to see if I`m that far off with the main jet, so it can be fine tuned next time out.

I think your probably close, you don't mention altitude though.

I'm in Atlantic Canada, sea level and running a 170 main, with both hotcam's, all free mods, and a FMF Ti powercore slip on. Bike is a 04 Canadian model.

The 170 is as per JD Jetting instructions for my area/temps, and after calling JD for advise.

The change I made to "accommodate" the cams was to go one clip down (raise) on needle as per JD's advise (Follow the jetting instructions for the YZ instead of the WR basically)

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