WR suspension change

Hello fellas i just sold my bike today and am looking at either getting a WR 400/426 or a YZ 400/426. I havent made up my mind yet but the thing i want the bike to do is be able to take jumps on an mx track. Im not talking competition MX just weekend warrior sort of stuff.

I have read the FAQs and it seems like the WR wont take jumps... well not that well really

Im 6,2 and 220lbs. What would i need to do get the WR to jump as well or almost as well as the YZ?? are the forks and shock direct swaps between the 2? or would just stiffer springs for my weight be all that i need?

Im coming from an XR400 with the correct springs for my weight installed and that thing sucks balls when coming to jumping. pretty much bottoms out every jump so i dont want anything like that

any advice appreciated


Well if all you want to do is ride an MX track you would be silly to buy a WR when the YZ is on your list. The YZ is purpose built for the MX track, (it does other stuff pretty well too) and the suspension is only part of the difference. YZ are lighter than the WR's and the tranny is a closer ratio meaning more explosive coming out of turns. If you are looking for a woods/desert bike to ride on occasion at the track, the WR would work but the suspension does have a tendency to bottom fairly easy.

I'm 200#'s and have never bottomed out the suspension on my WR. The owners before me may have done the springs, but otherwise it jumps well considering the weight.

It is not going to be an MX only bike. it will be mainly trails and some mx probably 70/30 ratio

Also, only reason im looking at WR is because it can be road reg so i can take it to the state forests etc where you need to be registered.

Transmission does not effect me as im not racing so dont need that close ratio

I really like the simplicity of an MX bike tho. dual sport bikes are always more cluttered

The WR is not a dual sport, it's an enduro. If you're thinking about trails, definitly get the WR. The YZ will have you bouncing off of every pebble in sight.

If you were looking at a 250 it would be a different story, but ever tried to kick over a 426 after it's been on it's side for more than a minute? Good luck... You want that button.

Probably just about as hard as my XR when it tips over. wont start for 5 min the damn thing

I thought dual sports were trail bikes that are road registered like my XR, WR's,KLXs, CRF450X etc

The WR's are road legal in the US arent they?

if your bike is tuned right - it's not an issue of starting it - pull the hot start, one kick. you just have to know the procedure and it's a first kick all the time bike....at least mine is...

I ride my wr a lot on MX tracks, and I do find it has a tendency to blow through the stroke too fast - I can do between 40 and 60 feet but if it's a sketchy landing, it's done.

I will be going to stiffer springs this winter, but haven't got to that yet, so I can not comment on how much better it's going to be.

I thought dual sports were trail bikes that are road registered like my XR, WR's,KLXs, CRF450X etc

The WR's are road legal in the US arent they?

It is a state by state issue as to the ability to license a WR for the road. The WR that comes to Canada & the USA is sold as a competition vehicle and does not pass federal safety regulations for road use however in the end licensing is a state / provincial jurisdiction and lets just say that there are "loopholes".:smirk:

You can always "vent" the cylinder by kicking it over with full throttle...and it's much easier with autodecomp.

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