wr426f yz timing???

i have my bike apart and i was planning on yz timing it but i read a lot about it and some like it and others dont. from what ive read it takes away from the bottom end and gives more power to the mid range and top end. i like fooling around on mx tracks and riding trails. dont really want to take away any on the bottom end cause i climb a lot of hills. i used to have i yz426f and liked they way it rode. i was able to pull third gear wheelies on it by using only the throttle. now i have a wr426f and it only pulls 1st and 2nd gear wheelies with the twist of a throttle. it doesnt have the punch or snapped to rip the front wheel off the ground in third gear. i was wodering if yz timing might give it the punch i want and make it wheelie in third??? also i was wondering if i have to rejet if i yz time it? has anyone done it and been happy with the results without rejeting? just wondering what you guys think that have done this to your bike before button my bike back up. thanks:thumbsup:

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