Is my OEM manual misleading?


Im getting ready this saturday to do the BIG yz jetting change to my WR, so as I was brushing up on the manual this evening this part confuses me.

Its calling (1) the pilot screw? I thought that was the main air jet?

And where the arrow is pointing to (2) is the Pilot Air Jet right?

I got the adjustable PAJ from Sudco so I know the PAJ is going to be adjustable but what about the MAJ? Is it adjustable too? According to the manuel it has a factory set number of turns out.

I thought it was just the PAJ that was adjustable, not both. :)

You are correct, #1 is the MAJ and it is not adjustable. It is a replaceable jet.

You are correct, #1 is the MAJ and it is not adjustable. It is a replaceable jet.

Ok, thats what I thought.

But why does it say to the right of the page in the manual that this MAJ or (pilot screw as they call it) is adjustable? :D:):D

It seems they made a mistake, and the pilot screw is adjustable you know...

Ok, 1 more question then! :)

If the stock pilot air screw is adjustable then why was I told to buy a adjustable one from Sudco? (I was told its way better than stock)

They should come up with easier to remember names for these jets. The stock pilot air jet is not adjustable. Nor is the pilot jet, the main jet or the main air jet. The pilot screw also known as the fuel screw is factory adjusted (worthless in my case) and on the bottom of the carby.

Yeah, you are right I wanted to say fuel screw... :)

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