DR.D re-packing question for ya....

For those of you with the Dr.D systems, how often are you having to re-pack your silencer? I was told that if there is a downfall to the Dr.D pipe it was that they seem to go thru the packing very quickly...(yes, I do know about the header blocking the oil filter)

I'm trying to decide between the Dr.D and the Leo Vince full system on my '07 WR.


Nobody can help me out on this one?

I have a Dr.D on my yz450f, it's probably got about 30 hours or more on the original packing, I haven't seen any indication that it needs to be repackaged but I intend on repacking it in the next few weeks.

repacked mine at about 30hrs also and only a little bit of packing had blown out. You can't go wrong with a dr d set-up

That's what I was hoping to hear guys. I'll be ordering my pipe today, thank you!

Where are you planning on buying it? I just bought the S/S full exhaust from Motosport. I enacted there 110% price match guarantee and got the full system for 440.00. They were listing it for $494.00

That's a great deal at MotoSport....

I've got friends in low places and got it for $400 even for the complete system. Should be here soon.

Big Belly, where did you find the system for $400?

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