Newb Jetting Question (YZ needle?)

Alright gents, before the flaming begins this is the first carb i've ever jetted myself. I've been doing a ton of searching and the jetting database was a huge help. I basically wrote down what everyone at the same general altitude, weather and modifications was running and then averaged out for my initial set up. For the California desert i've settled on leaving everything stock minus a 168 main and 48 pj, zipty fuel screw and obviously a new needle. Keep in mind I've already done the gray wire, ais, airbox, and exhaust mods. Problem is I don't think I can find just the adjustable needle, they all come in kits which I don't need. I stumbled across a few guys running the YZ needles with great success, and seeing as how it's 13 bucks I'd much rather go that route. IIRC the suggested choice was the standard needle from the YZ one year prior to your bike. Do any of you jetting guru's have any input on this? I've only owned the bike for 48 hours and it's only been assembled for about 12 of those. I rode it all corked up and immediatley came to the forum for the mods! This is the last step in my set up and would like to get it right (or close to) the first time. HELP THE NEWB!!:smirk:

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