Clarification regarding "stripped oil filter cover bolt"

Hello all (Mainly Grey)

I have a question in regards to the stripped oil cover bolt issue commonly associated with the YZ's.

My question is "with the oil cover off, is it the small hole that is drilled and the 3/16" ball is installed"?

It looks so obvious but I just need clarification.

This is the last step of freshening up my 07 YZ450. I did the top end, cam chain, ported and polished, anodized brackets, polished side covers, frame and what ever else came up.

I'm breaking in the bike on Saturday. So excited.


I found the tread. Pics are worth a thousand words. Thanks Thumpertalk.

to what do you refer when you write "ball". what's the best way to fix the stripped out hole?

The best way to repair an already stripped lower filter cover bolt is to install a Time-Sert.

The ball he refers to is in this thread, which concerns itself with preventing the problem to begin with:

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