03 yz450f supermoto

Is an STM slipper clutch related much to a Rekluse clutch? I'm intrigued...have full on race bike with STM slipper clutch. 15/40 or so gearing...tops out about 100...but very easy to stall in low speed situations or starting off.

Seems like they work totally differently

Davimac - Welcome to TT

They are very different. I have an Adige slipper on my Supermoto bike and a Rekluse Pro on my offroad bike. The Rekluse is RPM sensitive - it completely disengages the clutch when the engine drops below a certain rpm. The slipper limits back torque or engine breaking through some fancy springs or something. It's been a while since Ilooked at my slipper clutch, but the slipper is totally independent of RPMs. Maybe your stalling problem could be solved with better jetting, like the leak jet or air mixture screw. What makes your bike stall?

15/40 gearing on a 03 with a 4 speed is ridiculous. With gearing that tall the motor is not turning enough RPM at low speeds to get out of it own way. If it is supermoto only you can get away with it with spot on jetting but for off road you better learn some fancy clutch work.

Yea, I imagine it is great on a fast track. Not so good for 4 way stops...especially if you are making hand turn signals...haha

Was expecting to slide the rear out just downshifting...but doesn't really feel possible without rear trail braking. Maybe it will step out if I play with the clutch a bit.

Definately have to slip the clutch to start and clutch in slow speed turns. Would like to have a 5 speed for sure.

At my mechanic friends house...trying to get it street legal...haven't been able to ride it much at all yet.

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