WR450 2008 tail light not working - no voltage into it

Just bought a 2008 WR450, and noticed the tail light doesn't work

Been through the wiring etc and found that the light itself works, but its not getting any power

The dark green wire is the +ve in, which should have 12V, but has nothing, when tested with a multimeter

The dark green wire comes from the CDI according to the wiring diagram which seems to indicate that that fault is within the CDI

There's no power from the dark green wire even at the CDI connector.

The bike still runs, but I'm curious why I'm not getting getting any tail light power from the CDI

Am I about to have a CDI failure?

Anybody else had this issue, and is there a solution?

Hi, had the same problem with my 07 last year, the light just stopped working one day, after tracking the wiring, checking the connections and voltage I just gave up and run extra "+" wire to power the light, works fine 2000 miles later, that CDI-light circuit has nothing to do with ignition I suppose

Thanks Kloss - glad to know I'm not alone

anybody else got experience of this?

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