help with the stickys please...

hi lads..

im on reading the stickys for my wr 450 . alloy frame version..

im no macanic but can drop the oil change filters ext..

i will give anything ago tho.. but normally it ends in disasters.. and costing me a fortune...:lol:

like i said , im on reading the stickys and im thinking with the jobs i need to do to get my 2008 wr performing better as it it totally standard, i will need to take it to my local off road dealer/mecanic as some of the mods sound as tho u need a degree in macanics,,

and to be honest, as im getting the new bike on tuesday i dont want to do any damage to it..and nown me , i will... :moon:

can any of you tell me which ones i should do myself and which jobs that need doing, take to a offroad macanic.. which i no isnt cheap...

but lads , like i said, ill give out a try as i do like tinkering ,

can you let me no which jobs to touch and which jobs i keave well alone for the real macanics..

i no its a lot to ask but can you tell me how to do the jobs i can do...

it will be much appreciated , :smirk::thumbsup::ride::thumbsup::lol::thumbsup:

I did all my mods on my bike myself. and i am NOT a mecanic.

Exhaust baffle, grey whire, throttle stop... next is AIS.. but i think i need the TT removalkit to do that...

I have been thinking of Yz timing, but there i need help. i feel its dangerous to open the engine :smirk:

can you do me a fav and tell me exacly what you did, so i can follow your instructions, i no im asking a lot mate but it would be a great help if u could.. mines a 2008 , is it this model u did the mods to and if so did it make a big diffrence mate... :smirk::ride::ride:

The only mod that did it good, was the exhaust baffle...

Grey wire did nothing.

and my bike already was installed with YZ throttle screw.

Look under free mods... they are quite good explained...

cheers for that mate, ill give it a look ..

so the grey wire did absolutely nothing then,, there is a lot of people on here saying lots of stuff about the grey wire,, or wey

thats saved me a job..

cheers mate...

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