17T front sprocket will it fit?

anyone put a 17T sprocket on their bike,which brand,any problems? :)

I doubt they even make one. i no when i put my 15 tooth on i coudnt even use the little case gaurd because the spocket was too big. good luck trying to find one and making it fit. yeah right

i have a 15 on right now WITH the case saver :) you have to remove it install sprocket then reinstall case saver :D.and yes they do make them if anyone that has actually put one on their bike I would like to know.

well i could be wrong; who makes them do they web site. With my 15 tooth i could also get the case saver on but the chain was very very close to hitting it so i just left it off and hoped my chain didnt break.

I am sure 16 tooth is as big as you can go if you can find somone to make a sprocket for you. 15 tooth is a common upgrade but I do not know who makes a 16 tooth sprocket with the Yamaha spline shaft fit. Watch your swing arm protection. How fast are you gearing this for or are you trying to build a super motard bike? :)

I tried fitting a 16T at first and it wouldn't even go in...Maybe if I had cut a good chunk off the chain slider and removed the case guard. I'm very satisfied with my 15/50 setup though. Same as stock Aussie models, drive chain is still in usable adjustment range, and gearing is perfect; 99 mph at rev limiter.

By the way, I had ordered the 16T from Baja Designs. I forget the brand name...

Yes if you remove all that guarding it should just fit. But you will be geared to tall for most uses in first gear. Top speed should be 106 mph with 16/50 gearing with 16/42 super motard set up will give you a 130 mph. That should be all that the HP will let you go. Top speed on 60 hp bikes should be about 130 mph with street set up. :)

Pretty sure nothing bigger than my actual 16T fits on my 426. It is so tight fitted, difficult to imagine a 17T is possible to install. Maybe the 450f is different...

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