Have been reading a lot about how hard the YZF's are to start. I just got a '98 with a White Bros 420 kit and an E series exhaust.

It could not be more easy to start. It almost always starts first kick, no choke if it's above 80 outside on the first start of the day. I went down pretty hard at Elsinore last month and when I tried to start it, I pulled out the hotstart and pulled in the comp release, ran the kickstarter through a couple of cycles, found TDC, kicked and it fired right up. Now my question is this: Does easy start translate to loss of compression and a top end rebuild? The 420 kit is just a year old. I have also started several cold 426's with no problem.

No, they are all super easy to start once you get the jetting right and you know how to do it.


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I beg to differ, I am 5'8" and this thing is so tall it's hard for me to start. If I can get a good strong kick on it it starts first kick every time so it's not the bike, it's my short little peg-legs hehe. I sold a XR350R that was much easier to start than this so I guess it depends on what you compare it to...


Originally posted by MikeOK:

I beg to differ, I am 5'8" and this thing is so tall it's hard for me to start.


Maybe you should get a kickstand. That way you can prop it up and kick with your left foot on the peg instead of on the ground.

These bikes are pretty tall, I'm over 6' but I'm still tippy-toed if the ground is a bit uneven. I do have taller seat foam though...

I'm considering a kick stand myself, especially for starting a stalled bike in a race when I'm tired (which is any time after first loop :))

Two-Dads', who have posted their phone number here, apparently make one, as do several other companies.

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