Water Pump Shaft and Seals

05 WR450

I am going to replace the shaft and seals on my water pump. Does anyone know the step by step on this process? Does it go over this in the manual? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


haven't got a step by step but this is an easy job, you have to remove the pump cover obviously, undo all right side cover bolts, no need to take off the clutch cover but 2 or 3 bolts holding it are long and reach the cases so will have to be removed too (can't remember but possibly top ones), no need to take the oil filter cover off, once you have the side cover off it's all clear, hold the shaft with a flat spanner and undo the impeller nut, pull it out, push out the seals, fit new ones, GREASE them, fit the shaft etc, just check the orings under the oil filter are all in place before refitting, good luck

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