wr426f flywheel removal????

when i was trying to take off the flywheel i was tightening the three bolts down to the fly wheel and the thing just pops off. i thought i must have broke something but everything looked unharmed. any one every done that before? couldnt realy figure the right may to use the puller . it came with i plate thing with threads on a circle cut in the middle and tree holes so you could thread three bolts into the flywheel. it also came to other thread things that didnt have have heads on them so i dont know what they were for. then the last piece was the bolt that threads into the plate that you mount and pushes against the crank to get the flywheel off. what holds the flywheel onto the crank besides the nut anyways? why cant you just pry it off using equal pressure on each side off it? oh yeah i had the middle bolt on it when it popped off but could get it tight enough to start pushing the rotor off because i couldnt get the flywheel to hold still, this is the puller i have


mabye i was twisting the wrong way and it had reverse threads onthat plate. the the flywheel didnt contain any threads for the big bolt just the plat it came with. thanks

after the nut is removed, all that is holding the rotor onto the sloping shaft is friction. when pressure is applied with the puller, once it turns loose it does just pop off. that's normal. be sure it doesn't fall too hard on something. it could crack a magnet on the inside. and take care that a nut, washer, or similar doesn't get stuck to the magnet before assembly. that could cause a problem you would not want.

and btw, techically, the flywheel is inside the cases. it's the rotor you're pulling off.

i had to take it off again and i think i stripped the threads on the rotor that the puller's three bolts thread into. got one bolt of the rotor the other two just keep spinning and wont come off. the plate part of the puller is still attached to the rotor and i cant get it off because of the two bolts are stripped and wont come out!!!! what should i do. hammer them out? drill them out? i think i can still use the rotor if i get the bolts out but ill have problems getting it back off when i need to take it off because the puller wont be able to attach right? i would really rather not have to buy i new rotor anybody got advice????? if i get them out and put the flywheel back on is there any other way to get it off than using a puller?? man why does does every small job i start to do have to turn into a bigger one. at worst i guess ill have to get a new rotor.

don't pound on the crankshaft at all. not even a little bit. the crankshafts, rod throw, and flywheel are aligned by careful tapping with a brass mallet and checking. any pounding after installed can result in a severely mis-aligned/out of balance flywheel that could wreck everything.

if you have stripped the holes the puller fits into, the only thing i would know to do would be to tap them to the next larger size which would be an sae thread. then you'll need to remember not to use metric in that hole. after you get the rotor off, care needs to be takes to remove all metal from the rethreading including anything stuck to the magnets. take care not to tap deep enough to damage anything behind the hole. if necessary get a bottoming tap (forgot correct name) to finish up tapping with.

that's the best suggestion i can come up with


i got the rotor off now. it came off using the puller. the plate part of the puller is still attached by two screws though. 2 threads on the rotor the bolts from the puller are attached to stripped though. drilling it out and tapping to a bigger size is proboly my only option i would think. that or buy anothother rotor. ill see how much they are proboly around 150 bucks.

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