Lets talk weight

Bought my new 426 about 8 weeks ago. Getting faster by the day. We have a great track in upstate NY that a group of us ride on every week. I've been making mods to get it setup just right. Last night, a buddie wanted to ride it, I jumped on his RM125. WOW. It was like riding a toy, and fast. I going to try a YZ 250 this weekend. The weight is my problem. I love this tractor but I'm worried the weight is making me work twice as hard. Has anybody weighted it for real? How much more than a YZ250? Throwing around extra 25 pounds is a big number. If it weights 250, after one lap on a mud track you pick up an aditional 10, add in the fuel and I'm throwing around 270 plus for 6 laps. Help me, I want to stay on thumpertalk.com

I'm with ya bro. I just jumped off a '96 CR250 to the '99 YZ400. Wow!! The weight is a big factor.

I'm gonna keep pushin' though. Maybee do a few hours in the gym and run a bit. At 170 Lbs. (my bodyweight)the added bike weight is a handfull. Really tears on the lungs trying to throw it around. I thought the smoother power delivery would level the playing field when I turned to the 4 stroke. I thought the CR was like riding the bull it had such a strong pull/hit.

I think I'm gonna throw some weight on the flywheel and use the 400 for offroad mainly, and jump down to a 250 again for racing. I don't want to go down as far as a 125(even though they're a blast to throw around)because the 30(yrs old) and up crowd isn't really a 125 crowd. I'll see how I feel in a year. I got to give some time to adjust and give it a chance first. Hang in there......

jd- I own a 426, and a YZ250, so I understand what you mean. The weight is a big factor, but if you keep pushing it you will find that the weight becomes manageable, and in some situations it is even a plus. This beast is great in whoops and ruts, I can usually blow right through the crud and let the bike do all the work. Much better than my 250. And in flight with a little changing of your habits the weight gets much less noticable. I am reaching the point to where I can flick this thing much like any other bike I've had,it just does everything a bit slower and I think now more gracefully. Keep at it, this bike is a handful in the tight stuff but when you learn to let it do some of the driving you won't be sorry...


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