First time changing fork seals

Today i went ahead and jumped into changing my fork seals because they were both leaking and it was time. At first i was nervous about something going wrong. But after researching on here and watching a couple how to videos i felt more confident in doing it. The job itself is not that hard of a job. The only think i didnt have was a seal driver, so i just used a piece of PVC pipe cut in half, it worked great. Everything on here was so helpful to me. I greatly appreciate all the information you guys have on here. Thank you :smirk:

I bet it's hard to believe you actually once paid someone good money to do this for you! No offense suspension tuners. I still need you!

You didn't need any (other) special tools?

Well i had some big wrenches that we have on our farm to take the big caps off, they did the job, but after i had completed the job i did order the Tusk took off rocky mountain to take them off the next time i need to do a for service. Other than the seal driver i had to fab up i just used regular tools around our shop.

On '98-'04 models, no special tools are needed other than the seal driver, unless you want to remove the damper and/or base valve. That's not necessary to replace the seals, though.

The later models are another matter. You really should not use anything other than the correct octagonal wrench to unscrew the cartridge from the top of the fork, and you'll need a base valve wrench if you want to do a full oil change.

And "real" seal drivers work vastly better than jerry-rigged plastic ones do, with far less risk of damage to the seals.

Gray is right, a real seal driver would work much better than my plastic one. But being a hour and half away from a dealership that would have no idea what i was talking about and waiting if i ordered one online, i just used my resources. But will most likely buy a good driver for future references. But i did not do a full oil change, so i didnt need a base valve wrench.

I use a PVC pipe coupling cut in half lengthwise. Works fine for my occasional use.

48mm seal driver: $50 (or less)

Used 9 times: $5.56 per use

Having the right tool: priceless

2" PVC pipe coupling = $0.68

Not spending $50 on a tool = three cases of Budweiser

.... Budweiser
eeew! yup.gif


eeew! yup.gif


Aw, c'mon on now Gray. It's winter. When the weather is warm I switch to Pacifico.

2" PVC pipe coupling = $0.68

Not spending $50 on a tool = three cases of Budweiser


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