In-mold decals.....?

Does anyone know where you can get some radiator shrouds with the decal already molded in? I know you can get them for the YZ450 from Polisport but they are not making them for the WR yet. I'm hoping to get some soon b/c my decals just fell off in pieces today. Yamaha is also on crack thinking they can ask what they do for the OEM graphics that just fall off.

If that happened to me I would buy the YZ shrouds from Polisport and an IMS 3.4 gallon tank and do two cool upgrades at once.

Haven't heard of anyone but Poli doing the molded graphics

If your wr is an 05-06 model year the 05yz decals will work.

Here are the in mold graphics... wish they said WR though...


Seriously am I the first one to mention these????

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