Oil in the generator/magneto side; normal?

Hi all

Up to now, I've only ever worked on a YZ/WR engine that has been drained of oil and I can't quite remember the oil circuit diagrams from the manual (which I don't have to hand) so forgive me if theis seems a particularly stupid question:

Checking valve clearances on a bike I've just bought, last night I undid the big plug on the LHS so i could turn the flywheel with a wrench, and oil poured out.. Is oil supposed to get over into the magneto/generator side of the engine?



Yes it is.:smirk:

Cool.. I'll be askign a question re timing later because on this bike the punch marks dont seem to line up as perfectly as on my WR, first have to ascertain whether the TDC mark is genuine TDC and then I guess taking a picture would be the easiest may to let you guys check..

,,but thanks for the conf; it was a surprise to see it all gush out because it really was quite dry on my WR (but then, the big end had seized when I bought it.. :smirk: )

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