WR Plate! Finally got it!!!! But no insurance???

I just recieved a Vermont plate for my 2003 Canadian WR450F here in California. :):D What a pain that was, but very good news. I plan on getting a clean California title later.

Just found out that my insurance carrier, AAA, will not insure this bike in California. Does anyone know a company that will insure it here in Calif? :D



Probably not the answer that you want but in Oregon I have Progressive Insurance on my WR450. It will go up from $129.00 a year to $ 170.00 in July. (just got my renewal notice) I know that is not California but I'm sure Progressive writes policies in your state too. Hope this will be of some help. This is for full coverage.


AAA does not insure motorcycles

I live in Northern California & Progressive added my WR450 to my existing liability-only policy that covers the rest of my toys.

Catfish ...

Progressive is about the best here in Cal. They have always been the cheapest and have good service. At least that has been my experience.

Thanks you guys. Just called Progressive. Good rate. Vermont plate here in SoCal.... no problem.

Using thumpertalk for info has really worked well for me!! :):D

So Cal AAA does insure motorcycles, at least they do insure my XL600. Why won't they insure the WR450 if they will insure other motorcycles?

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