Topped out at 97?

i got my 08 up to 93 easy and it felt i could go faster, i had to let of b/c i was running out of road. stock gearing, mods done, pro billet exhaust tip only

Is that one pavement? What gearing...oh and at least you are GPS verified :excuseme:

Yeah, pavement, minimal wind, fairly flat, optimal gearing, sitting upright (more or less) with SM wheels.

I would agree that the speedo probably lies a bit on top end speed. I raced an '07 WR450 with all the free mods and Pro Circuit exhaust with stock gearing and it read 102 as I was tapped across a lake bed in a night race last year. I don't think I was going quite that fast, but I was going fast enough to back off before I looked at the speedo!! :excuseme:

Man my 04 with stock gearing, offroad, tapped out bouncing off of the limiter will only go 86. 15/50 on the gearing. Must be something the matter with my bike.

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