better all around bike

hey. im looking at picking up a yz 426 or 450

they are both around the same price for the older years.

seen some 2001 426 with some work go for around 2200

or newer 2004 450s go for a little more..

what would be a better choice for a all around bike. desert and track

yz426f should be about 1500 bucks here in ohio dont know about in cali though. 2000 is the high end off the prices ive seen them being sold. ive owned a yz426f and it is a good all around bike i would say. never ridden a 450 to compare the two but i like the 426. the 450 proboly handles better because its lighter. if money isnt a factor id buy the 450 but if it is id look for a 426 around 1500. next winter im proboly going to buy another 426 for a spare parts bike for my 01 wr426f. ive seen running 426's for as low as a grand around my area. 2200 is about the kbb value for a 426 in great condition. the price is fair i guess if its in perfect condition or has lots of extras. i paid 2100 in the summer for one but i think i over paid seeing many of the bikes for sale now for less. the one i bought was a 02 yz426f bought new in 05 and it blew up after two rides because the timming skipped and the valves broke on the piston. i think it was do to a streched timing chain that i would recomend you replace if you get one of these bikes. ive been told every 50 hrs or so it should be replaced to be safe or every time you replace the piston which seems resonable to me. good luck with your choice

Also, keep in mind that the 03, 04, and 05 450s are 4 speeds. I haven't found this to be an issue on the track, but I have wished for that 5th gear on faster trails. Depending on your riding, this may or may not be an issue for you.

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