Oil Radiator for XR 650 R

I am very interested in buying the Oil Radiator I saw in Enduro Magazine for my XR650 R 2001. This is a French magazine and I would like to know if this can be found in US too.

I will ride a 3000 miles rally next july and this would be perfect to ride faster and safer. My XR usually overheats after long periods with full throttle open. Specially on top speed for more than 15 minutes (100 mph).

Does anybody know where I can find this Oil Radiation for the XR around US ?


I have not seen the cooler you refer to. If you are over heating there may be other problems, that shouldn't happen. You could "T" into the oil return line that runs up the frame on the right side and install a cooler into the system. That is a low pressure/high flow line so find a cooler the size you need and plumb it in. Are you running radiator guards? Jetted too lean? High pressure cap? Looked at the thermostat?

As Dutch said, make sure you're not jetted to lean, especially in the main jet since you say you're overheating at WOT. Check your spark plug to see if you're running lean at WOT and make changes accordingly.

You may also be able to adapt a XR250/XR400 oil cooler to your bike with a little bit of work and that should further help with oil temps while moving at speed.

Thanks. I strongly think that carburation is OK but I will check again. Good to know that the 400 have the oil cooler. I will try to adapt it. I will also put a ventilator on the radiator to low speeds.

Its worth to say to XR 650 owners that the bike is umbelively &%$#@!y strong !! Last sunday I was in a 200 mile race on the south of Brazil (lot of sand and fas tracks) and in the mile 50/60 I run over a "caw" ! The only damage was a hole in the right side radiator (belive I was at least at 60 mph). So I had to ride for the next 150 miles with low water level and I still pushed the bike. I did the 9th place in 80 pilots.

Today I opened the engine to chech it out and the pistons, valves and everything is perfectly fine. I will only change the rings, but everything else is OK.

The bike is really a war tank !!

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