110-Mile Street Ride, Oil In the Airbox..... Why?

So I took my 05 Dual Sport on a road trip this weekend. 110-miles round trip. When I got home I saw I had oil dripping from the airbox drain. Not too much, but more than I've evern seen before. Keep in mind the road trip was mostly freeway speeds and between 65 & 70MPH. She ran fine with no issues, then I saw the oil.

I know:banghead:, I have stock gearing and not the ultimate bike for these kind of rides, i was in a jamb and needed some transportation. So why did the airbox get this additional amout of oil?

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I think this is just a result of extended high rpm riding. The baffle at the top of the valve cover does not seem to be able to handle it all. This is no different than a lot of bikes where the exit off the valve cover is actually higher than then end of the hose. I have always routed these lines out of the airbox and up and capped them with a Uni filter and have never seen a drop of oil afterwards. I don't like losing any oil on a bike that only starts out with about a quart. The downside is that you can now smell the oil when you are sitting at idle, but it's no big deal.

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