Questions on my new 426

the radiator sits right on the exhaust pipe,is this normal, it looks like it would burn through the aluminum. also, what is the oil that is leaking from the overflow tube next to the shifter, it comes from the top of the head,thanks for the starting tips guys, it makes it sooo much easier to start once i know how.

Yes - the exhaust is pretty close to the rad - check your rad and make sure it's not tweaked down on the outside (no longer square), there should be about 1-1.5 inches space though....some people really pull up on the pipe when they assemble everything and end up moving it up too much, causing this space to be reduced to less than an inch.

The tube that drips oil is your breather tube - lots of people reroute it into the air box, there are threads on it if you search, but it's fine where it is for most applications. A few drips after riding are fine.

The radiator normally clears the exhaust pipe by a quarter to a half inch, which is pretty close, but it should not be in contact with it. Either the radiator or pipe (or both) is likely to be bent in order to cause this.

The tube you see is the crankcase breather. It is somewhat normal to see a few drops of oil come from this. Things that increase the amount of oil discharged are running the engine very hard, the engine being "tired", or overfilling the system by a significant amount.

Thanks for the help guys, yeah it sits right on the pipe, ive looked at pics of other bikes , mine dosent have any clearance

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