Which 450

I have 3 bikes I want to look at. I drove a 04 450 Saturday, it looked amazing but carb needed cleaning, sputering and wouldnt idle. And as soon as you let off the trottle it popped like wild!

There is also a 03 and an 05 450 that I can get all for about the same $$.

The 03 is $1700 and the 04 and 05 guys both claim bottom $ is 2k. So my question is if they are all good solid bikes which is the best? I have heard that the 03 has more power and heard that its just done geared different and more controlled power. Figured the suspension etc would be better on the 05. Help me out here.

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Since they are all in the same price range roughly, I'd go over each with a fine tooth comb and pick up the one that seems to be the best maintained. Remember shiny plastic and new graphics are quick way to make a turd look fresh again... go over each one carefully and check the major wear items- cables, bearings, levers, etc. and make sure everything feels tight and fresh. Ask the owner tons of questions, fire each one up and ride it if you can, take your time to make sure you are spending your bucks wisely.

The '05 has very much better forks. The '03/'04 will have a much more aggressive power delivery.

yeah the 04 had original plastics, had regular tree limb scrapes. The motor and all lines looked great, only problem was it had just been sitting up for over a yr (he blamed new kids etc) and so it was sluggin and poppin like crazy, I drove it around the block a few times, it felt good and smooth for the most part, but as soon as I got off the gas it popped and would die. I m gonna try to look at that 03 in the next week or so. The 05 is 2.5- 3 hrs the opposite direction.

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