I bought a xr650r

Geezz. Amazing machine... Coming from a cr500 I thought i was going to be disappointed... It has crazy power like the cr, except its way more controllable.

Alright scorch

You finally pulled the trigger. I hate to say I told you so but I told you so. :D Now when are we going riding. :)

You were right.. :D :D :)

What an excellent bike. I was thinking the bike was like my klr650, but when I started it up for the first time I knew it was a monster. Geez.

I am glad I got this bike.. Man, imagine getting something else then riding with you. I would be kicking myself for not buying an xr.

I wonder how the XrL is like? I cannot imagine its like the R!

I can you about the xr650l a friend had a L and said you need to get a bike again when I told him I was getting a R he didn't like the thought of not street legal now he loves my bike and has seens moved on to a XR400. He still loves my bike and I am still really happy I didn't by a L.

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