Baja racing BRP style

Hey all.

Some have inquired about Baja racing for your BRP. There is a race coming up on May 3rd called the Dos Mares 300(in English "two seas"). It is almost 300 miles and leaves out of La Paz and heads north along the Sea of Cortes and then up and over the Sierra de la Giganta mountains. Pretty wicked terrain in the section and then back down the other side. From there it heads north and crosses the main highway just south of Ciudad Constitucion over to El Refugio. From there it is a straight shot down the Pacific Coast to El Conejo. From there it crosses the peninsula back to La Paz. The winning time should be a little over 5 hours with last at around 7.5. The terrain varies from slow technical riding to flat out desert balls to the wall racing. I will see if we ca get some pictures up later from the pre-run this weekend.

If there is anyone that is really gung ho about trying this out we are going to pre-run again this saturday. The course is really well marked and I think can easily be done without pre-running. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you some more info. Should be a fun race.

If you are going to be in the area we are going to be in a big white F-350. Or ask for the Bajamotosport group. See you there.

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