Clutch cable slipping out of pull lever

Has anyone had a problem with the clutch cable coming out of the rotating arm/pull lever?

I get my brand new 2009 450F home and start looking it over in amazement. The cable end came out of the pull lever the very first time I pulled in the clutch lever ... yes, the first time. It happened again on my second ride. The guide holding the cable in place is very thin and flexible. I tightened up the cable, but I'm doubtful the cable won't come out again.

Any ideas?


I believe there is a tab on the back side of the "notch" where the cable end fits and is to be bent over, preventing the cable end from slipping out, but it isn't normally necessary. Something else is wrong.....

Seems like the 'slot' the cable goes into has opened up and allows the cable end to go through. You need to squash it down and close the gap. Check the 'knob' on the end of the cable is in ok condition aswell.

I imagine that it actually occurs when you release the lever, in which case it's a simple matter of making sure that the aforementioned retainer tab is bent down over the clevis in such a way as to prevent the cable dropping free while there is slack in it. This happens occasionally if the tab isn't bent down far enough and there's too much slack in the cable. Set it to 3mm at the lever.

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