CA Plate for a '03 WR450?

Hey Guys,

I have a WR450 that is registered as a "Red Sticker" bike here in CA. What I would like to do is put a Baja Designs - Dual Sport kit on it and get it registered "Street Legal" in Nevada. Then, transfer the "Street Legal" bike back to CA and end up with a "CA Street Legal WR450" Has anyone tried this before? Is it possible?



It has been tried, it doesn't work, you can make it street legal in AZ. but when you try to register it in CA. they won't let you, they will tell you that it does not meet CA. emissions, if it was an 02 or older you could do it because CA. made all thoes green sticker. I would just leave it registered in AZ. half the things I own are reg. in AZ.

Thanks for the reply..... Thata is what I was afraid of.

Well, this bike is for sale, check out the "For Sale" page. It only has about 180 miles on it.



How did you go about registering your bike in AZ if you are a resident of CA? I was told that you need an AZ driver's license to get AZ plates. I have in-laws who live there (i.e. a resident address), but I'm not sure if that helps. What's the scoop?

I'm also looking in to a AZ plate for my 03 WR250F(Canadian).My goal is to tranfer to Ca I have a Indiana title Nothing on it says its from Canada 8th digit is a (W)the mileage is blank on the title,I was going to put 8000mi on the title and run it thru CA dmv but people tell me it won't work and if it dmv kicks it back I will never get a Ca plate?The titles only 3 wks old so 8000mi on 1 mo old bike?Any sugestions

Please check your PM.


Could you be more specific or PM me your reply? I'm looking to do the same thing.


I think you are screwed with that VIN number. Call Dale at and see if he has any new ideas.

Better yet buy my wr426 - it's already street legal in AZ. Give me a call at 602-770-9934 or email me at for pics and details on a good as new lo miles bike! Mark

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