Wearing a huge grin today

Well I've had my 98wr400f for about a month and love it.. so much so i decided to trade it in for a 02wr426f.. so thats the first part of the grin, next was the price, an abused 02wr426 goes for 5500 euro's, but I found a dealer who'll do me a new one for 6000 euro's.. now the grin hurts :D :D :D should have it sometime next week :) (a new 450 is close to 8000 euro's)


sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :)

you're going to love that bike... :D

You have the Euro model, so your mods consist of airbox lid removal, YZ cam timing or 03 exhaust cam (if required) and a pipe if you want as well.. :)

Good luck,


Congrats..... Have fun... :)

Just spoke to zip-ty and managed to intercept the order i had placed for a fuel screw for my 98wr and changed it for the 02wr screw, they were gonna ship it today :) and the workshop manual I ordered for the 98wr covers the 02wr apparently, result ! this was meant to be.. :D

couple of questions on the mods, gonna stick to stock exhaust and cam/timing for time being, but will remove air box lid, will that require a jetting change ? does a yz426f throttle stop go straight in ? and will this bike have the blue wire supresssing the spark when starting ? (not that I expect to need help starting it, I've got the knack)

Man I cant wait now, feel like a kid the week before xmas :D thanks for the feedback, finding this forum is a big part of my new found love affair with the Wr's..

the lid issue shoudn't require rejetting...if you plan on getting it wet the air filter element will get soaked...even when washing. the reason for the lid is to keep any water from hitting the filter.i put mine back on after i crossed a stream and drowned out the engine...the water splashed up to the tank rolled under the seat and right in to the air box.

be careful


You won't have to cut your throttle stop... only the US models had that restriction... airbox lid is optional, but will make it breathe a lot better... shouldn't need any further jetting fixes, perhaps a clip position or such... though it depends on your altitude, temps, etc... most bang for your buck is with the YZ cam timing...


Congrats on the new ride.

it arrived ... MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA.. :D :D :D :D :):D

What are the main noticable differences (performance) between your old WR400f, and your new baby? I;n sure all of us WR400 guys would like to know.

:) my new bike rocks !! main differences, well first to be fair, my old wr was just that, old.. needed new tyres, chain and sprockets, seals and bushes were tired, motor was tired, but still pokey, so a comparison between that and the new 426 isnt exactly fair.. however, it feels a lot lighter and has very nice centre of ballance, the motor, now broken in is very responsive and it has a lovely power band to play with. it also plods along well :D the suspension was a bit too soft as it came, but I've tweaked that a little, adjusted the rear brake lever (for wheelies !) and the shifter.. apart from that no mods done and at the moment I dont feel the need for any more power, give it time tho :D a reasonable amount of metal fillings in the oil filter, not too much but enough to feel the break in was done properly. it was a truly maternal feeling riding for those first 50km's feeling the motor free up as I introduced more and more throttle :D

3rd gear power wheelie :D no prob.. :D

We folks over here in the states don't understand your metric jibberish. 50km's????

Just Joking

a reasonable amount of metal fillings in the oil filter, not too much but enough to feel the break in was done properly.

I have 140 miles on my bike and have not noticed any metal in my filter or screen in 2 oil changes. Does this mean my break-in was a failure. :) Went by the yamaha bible. :D

:D yeah u should get a file out and take a little of your cams just to be sure :) they are very small shavings, you can only see them if you rub the used oil in between your fingers, like paning for gold :D

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