Key issue question

Sorry to drop in here and no, I'm not poking fun at Yamaha, its a nice bike :)

With the key issue, does it also happen on the quads? I assume that the engines are the same. I ask because I ride with a friend sometimes and he has a new 660 Raptor.

I'm really surprised that there hasn't been an after market fix for this yet. :D

No the engines are not the same and yes there has been a fix. Lapping the rotor and using a cylindrical retaining compound (Loctite 648). The taper fit between the crank and flywheel were not seating against each other properly.

Thanks :thumbsup:A few times we've been riding and this question has come up and we try to stay where we can get the truck to his quad. I'm not sure I could tow a quad with a motorcycle without killing myself. :)

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