AirFilter recommendations

I'm a new to TT, as well as a new WR450 owner...

First, great forum... you're information has consistently made owning my WR a much more enjoyable experince, to which, I just love this bike. :)

Second... Does anyone have any suggestions around which air filter I would swap out the stock airfliter with, and if there is any special maintenance requirements?


I run the twin air one and it seemed to make a little more power. Everyone that i ride with use it and we all seem to like it. :)

I'm running the Twin air, but I am looking into buying the "fire-resistant" version they offer.

I've run the Uni filter with no problems.:D:)

where is everyone getting there filters from? none of the dealers around here have them in stock.

I got mine from the local aftermarket shop.If you can't find any i'll go pick a uni-filter or twin air if they have it and ship it to ya. :):D

I'm running an Uni and have been happy.

I just got a twin air filter. It will fit, but is smaller overall and less dense than the stock one. I hope it will provide enough filtration......

They are designed that way on purpose.

They make them smaller in order to have more dead air space in the airbox, thereby increasing air flow.

Anyone know of a website that will sell the uni for the WR450? My local shop says it's not out yet, but uni has the part number on their web page.

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