White Bros Exhaust 400 or 426

Does anyone know if the 99 e series exhaust is the same as, or is it a different part number than the 2000

My supplier in Canada only lists the end pipe for the 99 400 and i have a 2000 426

any ideas?


Keep your stick on the ice!

Smitty unless you need a spark arrestor I wouldnt waste your money, I bought one and ended up taking it back off, I found that the bike had more power with the stock pipe and the White Brothers pipe rests about 1/8 of an inch from the rear master reservoir making your fluid hot much faster. I would consider selling mine if you are interested, I had it on less than a month.

Norman Kissam

Beaumont Tx


Hey Xrman,

What do u have for a bike,

400,426 or an xr?

How much for the pipe?

That sux about the clearance for the master cylinder.

But i also want the pipe for the sound volume.

Belive it or not.

There are a few 400,426's in the local vet class and i want to hear mine, the few added ponies are also a plus.

Xrman, did u make any jetting changes?

What model is your pipe?




Keep your stick on the ice!


Smitty I have a 426, I didnt make any jetting changes other than dropping the clip on the needle, as for the pipe it is the pro-meg silencer, I paid $266.79 total, I was holding on to it incase I wanted to race an enduro but would consider any reasonable offer. Honestly if you want to spend money where it is needed buy the Hinson clutch basket, I just changed mine and it made a drastic improvement in my clutch. As far as sound difference I dont really know which pipe is louder but both sound great, I mainly took mine off because of the master cylinder problem which I never took time to fix.


99 % sure it is the same part number in my White Bro.s catalog. I will double check tonight and amend this post tomorrow if I am mistaken.

I got the WB e-series on fri


can u say "power of the bottom"

and lots of volume.

The trick is, no disks!

I just race mx on closed courses

so i dont need a SA

This pipe rips of the bottom

but did seem to lose some mid

then picks up again on top.

Im totally stoked!

and what a great fit

i had the super trap IDS and it blew chunks

shitty fit and still as long as the stocker

this WB e-serise uses the stock exhaust gasket and it is only about 2 inches past the number plate.

very cool, compared to that mad max lookin

monster that came stock.

the 400 and 426 are the same pt number

Thx Guys




Keep your stick on the ice!


Smitty, did you rejet or anything, are you running no discs at all with just the end cap, did you have the master cylinder problem that I had, I would love to put mine back on but like I said I felt that the stock one performed better allthough I did have all the discs and the spark arrestor in mine. Just looking for ideas.

Norman Kissam

Beaumont Tx

Wide f#%kin open bro !

no disks

no jetting changes

no master cylinder probs

just bolt it on and go!

You might want to check into that heat tape/wrap that a lot of the Kawi 4-strokers use. That is supposed to help keep the heat from affecting the brake components.

Use your disks for xmas ornaments or earrings for your girlfriend.

The pipe is much lighter without them, and it amplifies the great power off the bottom that the 426 has.

Only problem might be noise.

This Mf’er is loud!

Like a Harley on steroids

I mean really loud, I Love it !

This is the icing on the cake.

My 2-smoke buds are all givin me grief cause they cant hear their bikes when I come up on them in the corners.

Is that too cool or what, Ha Ha Ha !

Another thing, I’m not sure but it just might be my imagination, but my bike seems to start easier too.

Might be that its getting broken in cause its is about a month old now, but it does seem to start easier.

Put that sucker back on Xrman, without the disks, and let me know what u think.



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