99 WR much faster after carb work, but AP leaks?

I replaced the needle valve and seat today due to poor starting and gas leaking from the overflow lines frommy FCR39 Carb. Before replacing parts, I cleaned the carb, needle, floats, etc and used compressed air after. Then re-assembled all. First test run, this bike makes way more power !!! Much faster through all the gears. It's also much easier to start. Goota love that!!:smirk:

However,. Now it doesn't idle normally. First runs too high, then too low, surges and even dies. SO I noticed my AP leaks/squirts out the top of the brass tube when the throttle is bliped. Anyone know what happened or how to check?

When I took off the float bowl the rod slid out of the AP, I just slid it back in gently on reassembly.

I adjusted fuel screw, to spec and then open a 1/2 turn more.

Ap pic

Yeah, I didn't know either. So, took AP off and cleaned it all out. Had some trouble putting the diaphram back in with the carb on. But finally it's ggod to go. Leak is gone!, power is still very strong. Idles better, but still keeps a higher idle just momentarily when comming to a stop.

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