O/T need computer help

I think i down loaded somthing that sends me pop ups? i get some pop ups off line, and alot online, it does not matter if i am on tt, or my email page. I am not real good with computers, if I have left out any info that you would need please ask, i don't know what els to say at this point

thanks for any help :)

Maybe you've got some type of data mining or advertising or ad tracking component maliciously loaded into your system without you knowing :D. It happens more often than people think :D. If you're running Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, then the easiest and least espensive way to combat this type of problem to download a free program called 'Ad Aware' and use it to scan your system and see what it finds. After the scan, you have the option of picking all or specific advertising components that have been installed on your computer and removing them. 'Ad Aware' allows you to reverse your changes should you later decide you want to re-install any or all of the items you removed. Make note that there are some components of Windows that it may find that you don't want to remove (specifically components of Windows Update), so be careful in what you choose to have removed. It's all pretty seld explanitory once you load the program and play with with. Hopefully that fixes you right up :)

You can download 'Ad Aware' from various places such as Download.com at the following link...


or from...


AdAware is a great spyware buster. Another one I use is SpyBot Search & Destroy SpyBot home page. It sometimes finds occurences that AdAware doesn't...and vice versa. I always recommend both.

A big cause of virus invasion into your system, is by opening E-Mails. Rule of thumb is that if you don't recognize it or who it is, or where it is from, then don't open it at all! :)

thanks for the info :D i loaded bolth programs and ran them. it was kinda scary deleting 135 files i guess there called :D i know just enough about computers to get my self in trouble, i went ahead and deleted the files becaus there was a restore folder so i guess i was safe. i don't see any more pop up's now so hopfully it works :) this email is my work so i have to open most of them eventhough i don't know them, if i save to a disk first will that help :D thanks for the links now back to tt forums for more brp stuff

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