Clutch acting up..

Bike: 2006 YZ450F. Stock clutch. Never raced, only trail and desert rides.

The last riding trip I was on, my clutch was not working so well.

First thing I noticed: The clutch pull is stiff...More stiff than my dad's XR650R (I compared it back to back).

Second thing: The clutch engages when the lever is almost all the way out, I couldnt feather the clutch like before. It usually starts to engage at half way out, but now it's nothing.

The clutch still engaged and I had no problems riding, but the slow technical stuff sucked.

I adjusted the cable looser and tighter, but nothing helped. Problem never changed, even with the bike warmed up after 20 miles.


Edited by DangerRanger245

Check the cover for signs that the pressure plate is rubbing, then check the center nut to see if it's backed off.

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