Keep the small plastic bag!

Bought a front wheel spacer recently but finally, I did not use it ( we finally succeed to fit the used front rim without that spacer).

I went back to the dealer with the spacer untouched (not a single grease trace) and the bill paper to have my money back. The guy told me: (translated)

-no problem...but hey, where is your bag?

-Bag? What bag?

-The little bag in which the spacer was

-Man, I don't know, don't even remember the piece was in a bag.

-We need the bag.

There I think "that mullet is joking"

-Ha Ha very funny!

-I'm serious Math, we need the bag otherwise Yam won't take it back.

Think a little, then:

-Look, the piece is brand new and untouched, I'm coming back here with the bill you wrote 10 days ago for a piece that is 2 inch long and 2 inch wide and cost 44 dollars and you are telling me you can't take it back because of a f... :D plastic bag! What is that all about? I can go to Canadian Tire with a totally destroyed tool my grandfather had hammered on smashpc.gif in 1959 and they replace it with a new for free but can't take that spacer back? :)


-Well you know what you are going to do? You are going to take the new piece you just gave to me ( Gaz tank clamp that I had lost and ordered), take it off the f... plastic bag and clamp it on the bill so I could play your stupid game next time !

What do you guys think? I know that yam don't want to sell used parts but is that all the consideration you have after buying a WR? I called Yam Canada and the girl I talked to seemed angry at me :D:D (like she was tired to talked to me after only 10 sec, the call lasted less than a minute) and she told me the same thing as my dealer. She really made me feel like if I was somebody totally stupid.

I'm very disappointed.

Don't want to bitch Yam, but I'm very very disappointed... :D

might be a longshot but see if they'll give you store credit. thats better than eating it. i know a cycle shop by me sells stuff thats outta the original packaging for a few bucks less. theres such a mark up that even a few bucks off they still make money.

Well, as a Toyota tech, I can tell you they dont accept returns either unless its in the original packaging. We all know what it is and the parts guys know, but Yamaha doesnt know. They want original packaging to confirm the parts number is correct. Now one option, they can put it on their shelf, tag it with the number from your invoice, when it sells, reimburse you your money then. It may be a little while, but its better than just having a $44 bushing doing you no good.

if you managed to stay calm your a better man than I smashpc.gif:)

I suppose I could understand it if it was a new ignition, but a wheel spacer?

Then the dealers wonder why we hate them so much. I usually try to return things quick if I do not need them.

I run a wholesale distribution business and i can tell you that none of my vendors will accept a return if the material isn't in the standard packaging that they send it out in. a reasonable request since they need to id and resell it. your dealer isn't being a jerk he's following the rules he's forced to follow.

Thanks for all the comments guys. I respect the opinion of those of you who consider it is normal procedure as much as the one who shared my disappointment.

I understand what is going on for the piece id number and everything but just to mke myself understood:

my father sells flowers ( that is what he does for a living from february to june each year). So many times, people came back to the "flower shop" because they droped and broke some of the plants they've just bought and wonder how they could take care of the injured plant with additional sunshine?, water? some chemical products? . The politic has always been to replace whatever happened to the customer. In spite of that, the business is running fine, so good, in fact, that each two year we have to build to create additional place.

That is to me things should be working. Our family business sure does not have the financial latitude Yam have. That is why I understand nothing in the rules the dealer is supposed follow... Now they have a disappointed customer in their hands and that is almost the worst thing that can happen to a compagny...IMHO


I agree with you 100% Math. Good customer service eventually pays off! My local parts place accidentally gave me the wrong oil filter and I burnt up my cam in my TTR. I told them about it and they paid for all of my parts that I needed to repair my motor. They could have done the same thing that Yamaha did to you but they value their customers, and now they have a loyal customer for sure!!!! I have also had poor customer service from Yamaha but it was from the US cust svc number in CA. I think they must hire somebody in the family who needed a cushy job because they don't know one tenth as much as the TT'ers. I love my Yamaha but their customer service needs help. If they enjoyed motorcycles as much as they enjoy the profits from us they would read sites like this and make some changes.

If Yamaha won't take it back your expecting your dealer to eat the 44 dollars. a little plastic bag...type the part # on a peice of paper..cut it out and staple it to the bag. use a sandwich bag.cut then lower half. put the part in.lay a paper towel over the top half...put an iron on the paper towel melt the bag shut.romove the paper towel cut the edge clean...and wa got a part in its bag sealed up with a part #...

its worth a try.


You could put a piece of masking tape and write the correct part number on it, but the distribution center can be certain if its the correct part. If its not, someone else will have to eat the $44. I know on a customers end, its hard to understand, and you and the parts guys know the number on the invoice is the correct part number. But the distribution center doesnt. Like i said, the parts guys can try to sell it, maybe on consignment, if someoen comes in for it right away, everyone would be happy. But chances of that happening are slim.

I scanned the sticker from another yam spacer we had bought, imported the figure in Word, added a text box with the correct part number over the number that was on the sticker I had scanned and printed it out with colours.

Total time= 5 minutes: Result: brand new sticker! :)

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