my 2008 wr 450,

hi, ive just picked my 2008 wr 450 up yesterday and im over the moon with it, the power it gives out is unbalievable and considering it is totally standard, im well impressed. i do tho have a little problem with it and i hope no one has asked this and if they have, forgive me.. when im pottering along say 50mph, it seems to miss a bit and hold back then go alright then miss a bit, seems strange !! this happens often and i no it doesnt seem right...

can any of you shed some light as to why this is happening ?????

i would really appreciate it.

kind regards.. dodsy...

Same issue here on my 09 WR450. I replaced the CDI with a Dyna FS CDI Ignition. Found a company on ebay selling em at a fair price. This part resolved the issue and has given me more adjust-ability.

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