Joining the WR fray soon...

Hi guys, I am going to be joining team blue very soon. I just looked at the little beauty below: 2001 WR426F, 220 miles, very clean, runs great. Fired up after about 3 kicks from cold. After warm up, I spun it around the yard a few times and it ran great. Easily lofted the front in 1-3. Solid bearings, no unusual engine noise that I noticed, good brakes, frame in excellent condition, etc. Tires are at about 50-60% but should last for the winter. Bike is mostly stock outside of a carb spacer and the little baffle dealie removed from the muffler. The guy that has it is the second owner and seemed to know a lot about it. Didn't come off as shady or anything.

I've had a DR650 for a while now and I love it, but it's just too big and bulky for the tight woods. The yammie should cover that end of the spectrum just nicely though. Been checking out threads here for info and there is a LOT of good stuff! Hope to meet some cool people here. :smirk:





looks almost new. 220 miles is almost nothing if the bike has that many actual miles. youll never know cause the odometer can be reset though. one day of woods riding you can easily rack up 50 miles so i dont know if i believe that claim about only 220 miles. it doesnt look to have much use though. i just bought an 01 wr426f for 1600 how much is that one??? i wouldnt be affraid to buy that bike from the looks of it. good luck here is my bike


/\ Very nice looking bike!

As for the miles on the one I will be getting, I would not be surprised if 220 is the actual mileage with how clean it is. I guess it could be more, but there's no real way for me to know. Paying $1800 for it which seems pretty fair to me.

Looks really nice. :smirk:

Also looks like the bike has a YZ fuel tank and seat since it doesn't rise so much toward the front of the seat.

You should go buy a lottery ticket.

/\ You're probably right. :smirk:

Looks really nice. :ride:

Also looks like the bike has a YZ fuel tank and seat since it doesn't rise so much toward the front of the seat.

Hmm, interesting observation. I will have to ask the guy about it. Are the tanks and seats interchangeable?

yeah they are but you have to have the yz seat and tank or the wr seat and tank together. you can tell the difference between my pic and yours, so im pretty sure thats the yz seat/tank on yours.

Yeah, definitely a difference. I guess it's not a major big deal, a little less weight but lower fuel capacity. Maybe the guy still has the WR stuff, will have to check. It would be nice to have the larger tank.

I put the YZ tank and seat on my 2001 250F and it make a huge difference in the rideability and handling of the bike. It's a 2.1 gallon tank and thats quite a bit of fuel for a motocross tank in this day and age. Unless you have a real need for the extra fuel, leave the YZ tank and seat on it. I can ride for hours in the trees on that bike without having to refuel. I'd even go for the IMS large tank before I'd ever put that fat stocker back on it.

Yup...leave te YZ tank and seat. Much better ergos. You can slide right up to the gas cap to load up the front end and improve cornering. If you need more range, go with an aftermarket YZ tank (Acerbis, Clark or IMS all make 3.4 gal tanks with YZ-like contours at the seat). Also has frame guards and a PowerNow. Not bad for 1800 bills!

Thanks for the tips guys, I will stick with the YZ tank and seat. The seller said that he has some extras for it so the WR stuff might still be there. Can't wait to pick it up today!

Another member of the flock. You will be stoked.

/\ I already am stoked, hopefully going to pick it up tonight!

Welcome to the blue side! The 426 is bulletproof! Enjoy!!!

Nice! I picked up an 02 a couple of months ago and I love it! Have fun!!!!

Just checked the valves, and adjusted them. All were in spec, but on the tight side. Figured it was better to just get it done. Bike rips!!

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