in or out?

when i am at a dead stop and i crack the throttle theres hesitation and it wants to die but if i ease on the gas it will haul ass. so should i go in with the fuel screw or out ?or chane jetting ? 165 mj 48 pj 72 starter ,needle in stock position fuel screw 2 1/4 turns out and im at sea level 60*

I've got the same problem and I'm at 1500'. 155 main, YZ needle clip position 5, 2 turns out on fuel mixture screw. I plan on going to a 48 pilot and up one on the clip. I posted a thread a few weeks back but no one responded. :)

You may want to look at the timing of your accelerator pump.

I am running a 160 main and 50 pilot with the fuel screw out about 2 turns. I generaly ride anywhere from 0-3000ft. and the bike seems to work great everywhere.


Go in on the fuel screw to 1-1/2 out. Bring the squirt screw out 1/2 turn. Put a YZ needle in it at -4.

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