Thoughts on Scotts Steering Stabilizer

Was thinking about purchasing one of these units but before doing so just wanted to get some input from you guys.

Did you find that the unit helps?

Can they be mounted with different bars?

Can you still fit a pad on either type of bar?

How does the steering feel/react during freestyle jumping?

And any good sources for making the purchase?


check out the responce on the WR side.


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F


Yes, unit does help and you will notice a difference. How do I know? I was forced to ride my 426 a few times without Scott's after I had become accustomed to it. The difference was eye-opening, literally :)

I now wonder how many past crashes could have been avoided...

Its hard to explain but with a Scott's my bike sort of steers itself. The critical issue, IMO, is that the Scott's "damps" the steering AWAY from center but not BACK to center. So when that rock tries to yank the bars out of your hands the damper is helping you but when you struggle to return the bars to center the damper is not hindering you. Does that make any sense?

I have never noticed any extra fatigue or arm-pump with the Scott's (although somehow I've never gotten arm-pump anyway, knock wood).

I have mounted the Scott's with DeMarini doublewalls w/ pad. They have a bowed crossbar which I just flipped over. Another common trick for using Scott's w/ crossbar is to pull off the damper arm, rotate 180 degrees and reinstall. This rotates damper unit around and places it further back which allows good access and clearance for controls. I was also assured by two different rep.s from Scott's that Renthal Twinwalls' crossbar will also clear the Scott's (I like crossbars :D) Renthal also makes a 7/8" bar w/ bowed crossbar specifically for this application (but they won't sell you the crossbar only).

I have also read that some freeriders use the Scott's (Deegan?).

As for purchasing one I would just call Scott's (818-248-6747). They can answer all your questions and will obviously have everything in stock. I'm not aware of any other source. They also carry lots of handlebars and, in my brief experience with them, are very informative as far as what will or won't work.

One drawback that you should be aware of is that for top clamps with adjustable bar positions you will need a different Scott's bar clamp for every bar position. They are not cheap. So you need to decide what top clamps to run and which bar position you can live with before you buy the Scott's.

One more issue is that stock YZ/WR top clamp contacts the tower mount before it hits the steering stop. You can remove a little material from the top clamp or live with the small dings made by tower mount.

If you want more technical info the Scott's manual is avail. online in PDF format:

Dave everything Hick said is pretty much the same thing I would have said. I personally think it is the best money you can spend for performance and safety combined, I will never ride another bike without it, there is other brands but scotts is the best. As far as purchase they are about $399 no matter who you get it from. You probably wont notice much difference at first but after a while take it off and ride and you will see what it has done for you. I found that you really fight the bike a whole lot less especially in deep sand, ruts, mud, and rocky conditions. I dont track ride much so I cant really say much about it but for off road I highly recommend it

Norman Kissam

Beaumont Tx

If you are going to spend the kind of money that it takes to purchace a new yz426, why not go first class. It doesn't matter if you ride street,track or cross country a steering dampener is critical to the handeling of any type of motorcycle. The only people who may not know this is those who have not had one. This is why so many say that when they have to do without one that that they could not believe the difference it makes to have one.Go ahead, belly up to the bar and put your money down. This is one purchace that you will be glad you made. Its like installing a flywheel wieght of getting the jetting right.Once its done you will be amazed with the differece.

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