09 Vance & Hines vs. FMF

Looking for input between two specific exhaust for the 09. Vance and Hines Alumunium Pro or a FMF Ti Powercore 4 with a powerbomb or megabomb. Anyone have any input? Choosing between those two. Thanks :smirk:

I would go with the aluminum pro, I reckon the vance and hines it the same as the WB. Excellent exhaust system. Whats the price difference between the two? I saw a guy lay his bike over from practically a dead stop and crush his mega bomb to the point it almost closed shut completely. Contrary I have beaten the heck out of my WB aluminum pro 2 and it has survived excellent. Only lost 2 bolts and had the muffler bracket come loose. due to a bent sub frame causing the tire to whack the exhaust repeatedly. A+.

Just for something to think about, both the PowerBomb and MegaBomb are available in stainless now, which makes them both less expensive and more durable.

The ti-powercore doesn't perform any better than the stock 06 silencer. It is shorter, better looking, and a little lighter, but it adds no performance. If you go with FMF, it is worth the extra $70 for a Factory 4.1 with a stainless midpipe. The best bang for the buck header from FMF is by far the stainless powerbomb. It is much more durable than a titanium header, and the performance difference between the megabomb and the powerbomb isn't worth the price difference IMO.

What is the actual difference between the Ti Powercore and the Factory 4.1?

What is the actual difference between the Ti Powercore and the Factory 4.1?

Factory 4.1 has a midpipe that tapers to a larger diameter before entering the silencer, then the core of the silencer tapers smaller as it gets to the end. The ti-powercore pretty much has a straight core with a fairly constant midpipe diameter. The factory 4.1 performs much better than the ti-powercore. The factory 4.1 (even with the stainless midpipe) is also a tiny bit lighter than the ti-powercore.

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