98' WR400 New to Kick Start Please Help

Hey everyone I just traded my crf230f for something a little more Yamaha it is a 98' WR400 the bike def has some issues with the carb I think it needs to be gone through when I purchased it the guy started it and it sounded good but just would not idle I am new to kick starting and I can't seem to figure out how to get it running here is what I am doing choke out and I believe it is a quick start valve not really sure well anyway I have that pulled out also then I bring the kick peg all the way up and depress the decompression handle until the kick peg goes down about 2in then I bring it back up with my hands off the throttle and off of the decompression handle and kick Nothing Please help :smirk:

the black knob on the carb is the choke, the other knob which should be red and mounted on the frame, is the hot start leave it closed.

on my 400 the procedure was...

fuel on.

choke on. I put my hand on the master cyl to make sure i did not twist when kicking.

your kick procedure sounds right, come up on tdc (hard spot) pull decomp lever, push kick starter just past that like you are doing, release decomp,reset the kick start lever to the top and give it a full kick.

If you did like me... you have fouled the plug. It took me awhile to figure it out, once you do, no problems. Sometimes if you foul the plug, pull the decomp lever and SLOWLY kick it over about 20 times, then start over on procedure. Usually mine took a new plug.

you have to pull the tank to put a plug in....

on the not idling, it is probably something plugged up in the idle/pilot circuit in the carb.

they are a little diff carb, just take your time and be very careful how each part comes off. and clean and clean and clean, then clean some more...

there is a couple of videos on here on starting procd's i will find them and link them


Still have not gotten it started but you all have been very helpful thank you

Still have not gotten it started but you all have been very helpful thank you

they are different to start... once you get it down it is very easy..

you might talk to the guy you bought it from and make sure on how he started it. it seems almost every bike starts a little different. I know my 400 would not start with any throttle at all. I have read about some bikes that like a twist or two of throttle before starting to start, my wr 450 is that way.

some of those bikes like the throttle cracked open slightly. Never kick that bike with the throttle open all the way, trust me...

practice starting it at home, by yourself. not when your buds are waiting for you to ride... you will get it.. put a fresh plug in and try it again. I bet i kicked on mine a couple of hundred times when i first got it.....

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