Last weekend I broke a spoke. I couldn't find any individual spokes anywhere. Only full sets. Anybody know where I can get singles?



Your dealer should may have spares laying around, you should ask around because this is your best chance.

I think Buchanan only sells complete sets too, but you might want to try calling them anyway. Maybee they'll drop one in an envelope for you if your lucky.

If not, get a set, and then we'll all come to you for spares. LOL :)


I just might have some older YZ 19 inch rear spokes. I dont know if they changed the hubs. They were sent to me by accident about 4 years ago. To be honest, I don't know exactly what bike they're for, I just know they're Yamaha 19 inch rear. I ordered a Suzuki set and they gave me these. I gave a spoke to my bud and it fit his 1996 YZ250. Anyone know if they'll fit? I can go dig them out of storage if someone confirms that they'll work for you. "I think I still have them anyway?" :/

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In a past life I road a KLX650. I was able to get individual spokes from the Kawi. dealer. They weren't cheap but I would think your Yamaha dealer could get in dividual spokes. Maybe not though due to the Excel wheels???

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