Headlight Removel

I want to remove my stock headlight of my 03 WR450 and put a regular number plate on it. Which one do I buy? Where do you mount the ignition switch? How about the top brake line holder? Any info would be great.

Motocross Action had a article in last months issue on converting a WR over for MX use, this was one of the things they did. See if you can dig up that issue.

I used a BRP Top Clamp on mine. The stock YZ Top clamp would work too, you need that top mount for the number plate. The BRP Clamp will accept either the stock ODO and Light or a Number Plate, your choice. The Ignition switch will bolt behind the top Number Plate tab on the BRP clamp and lay sideways between the top clamp and the Plate. As far as the plate, any aftermarket or OEM plate for a late model YZ will work for you. Buy a handfull of Zip Ties, you will need them to keep the wiring out of harms way. The top Brake Line Guide can go in that Box next to the Headlight, Baffle,Stock Jets, Throttle Stop, Puke Tank and Kickstand.

One more thing. If you are ditching the Odometer, run down to the local Auto Parts Store and get some Carburetor Vacuum Caps, not the Rubber ones, get the Vinyl kind. You will find that you can put one over the ODO Drive down on the Front Hub to block it off after you pull the cable. If you want to lose the ODO Drive altogether, I believe you will need a Sealed Bearing to replace the open bearing in the Hub that lies under the ODO Drive. Perhaps the YZ one would work? Better plan: a trip to the local Bearing Supply place would produce the same result and leave you with some money in your wallet.I have not investigated which Spacer will work to replace the ODO Drive, I assume the YZ Spacer would be a good place to start.

I took my headlight and odometer off and used an Acerbiss number plate. You have to remove the odometer and headlight mounting brackets. The Acerbiss plate fit right into the lower holes without modification and I used a zip-tie to secure it to the upper odometer mounting boss. I then used a piece of duct tape to cover the odometer drive hole. I have had no issues with this setup. I also replaced the rear fender with a One Idustries YZ fender, it was a direct swap with the exception of a small area that was touching the exhaust. It only took a minute or so of running to create a custom contour fit around the pipe.

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